Hospice care helps people to live well, in dignity and comfort, surrounded by loved ones, as they approach the end of life.

What is hospice?

Hospice is a philosophy and type of care that provides comprehensive, loving support for people with terminal illnesses that have progressed beyond a doctor's expectation of cure. Hospice care includes effective pain management techniques, called "palliative care" or "comfort care," to enable people to be as free from pain as possible. Hospice care helps people to live with dignity, in comfort and peace, surrounded by their loved ones, as they approach the end of their lives.

Hospice programs provide the support of specially trained nurses, home health aides, social workers, volunteers, spiritual care staff, and a medical director who can collaborate with the patient's personal physician. Most hospice programs provide services in the patient's own home. Some also serve people living in nursing homes, and others have in-patient hospice homes.

Hospice programs support not only patients, but also their families. Hospice staff are available at all hours to answer questions and help families be comfortable caring for their loved one. In addition, many hospices provide grief support services.

When should we seek hospice care?

Hospice care works best when families seek it out early after learning about a terminal diagnosis. Studies show that people who receive hospice care live longer than people with comparable diagnoses who do not enroll in hospice. Families who have received hospice care are nearly always deeply grateful for the many services provided to them, often remarking, "I just wish we had called hospice sooner."

How much does hospice cost?

Hospice care is typically paid for by Medicare and private insurance. Through the support of community donations, hospice programs are also able to provide services to people who are uninsured or underinsured. No one is turned away for an inability to pay.

How do we find a local hospice program?

You can search for hospices in your area on the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization's website. Select your county from the "Areas Served" list and then click the Search button. Search now

After searching, you'll see a list of hospices. Click on the hospice name to see its contact information. Feel welcome to call any of the hospices you find. Hospice staff members are kind and knowledgeable and will provide information to help you know whether hospice is right for your family.

Where can we learn more?

For informative websites, books and more, please see our resources list or visit the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization website.

What is Hospice Journey?

Hospice Journey provides free personal websites for people facing terminal illness. Hospice Journey is offered by The Samvara Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in collaboration with hospice organizations throughout the United States.

The dying process is, for many people, the most profound and powerful time of their lives. Hospice Journey websites help people to reflect on their lives, feel the love and support of their family and friends, and express what matters most.

How can Hospice Journey help me?

Creating your free personal website helps you and your loved ones to:

  • Come together, love, honor, and remember
  • Share what's happening
  • Coordinate support
  • Nourish your spirit, reflect, and cultivate peace

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