The Hospice Journey Team

Hospice Journey was created by a team of friends donating their time and expertise in software engineering and testing, graphic design, and non-profit operations to be of service to dying people and their communities of family and friends, and to hospice organizations. The members of our team bring a depth of experience to the project from their work for software start-ups as well as some of Silicon Valley's leading companies, including Google, Dell, eBay, Citrix, and Apple.

Many people on our team have had family members and friends who were cared for by hospice. We're united by our shared awareness that facing death is a profound opportunity to learn to live and love more fully, and by our deep respect for hospice for helping people to live their final months and days with comprehensive, compassionate support and expert care.


Our Executive Director, Vanessa Callison-Burch, became a Family Support Volunteer for the Hospice of Amador and Calaveras when she was 15. Her life has been deeply influenced by the patients, families and hospice staff she has been honored to know. Vanessa has worked in a variety of capacities on web technology projects for organizations ranging from software start-ups to major financial institutions. She is very happy to be putting her web technology experience and leadership skills to great use to serve hospice patients and hospice programs.

Our Technical Architect, Luisa Magarian, brings extensive product design and development experience to the project. Luisa considers it an honor to be able to offer support to families through architecting and developing the web application that creates Hospice Journey sites.

Our Director of Engineering, Marina Esterlis, is an outstanding engineer who loves mentoring developers and bringing products to the world. Marina's life was touched by hospice in 2007, when she cared for her mom with the help of a hospice in San Francisco. You can read more about Marina and her mom's experience on our About Us page.

Special Thanks

The Hospice Journey team is grateful to numerous wonderful individuals — nurses, social workers, chaplains, directors, administrators, and more — from the following organizations who have reviewed Hospice Journey and offered insights and great ideas for how we can best serve hospice families.

We're additionally grateful for the outstanding pro-bono legal counsel we've received from Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP in San Francisco.

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