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Hospice Journey is free to patients and free to hospices. Hospice Journey partners with hospices so that they can be included in the list of hospice programs that patients and caregivers can choose from when creating a Hospice Journey website. To become a Hospice Journey partner, please provide the following information. We look forward to supporting your patients and your organization.

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Fundraising for Hospice

Hospice Journey websites fundraise for hospice. Websites created for your patients will include a "Support Hospice" page encouraging patients' friends and family to donate funds either to your organization or to the National Hospice Foundation.
Please raise funds for:
Donations raised on Hospice Journey websites are processed by The Samvara Project, the 501(c)(3) non-profit which offers Hospice Journey. We are responsible for providing donation receipts. On a monthly basis, The Samvara Project will mail a check for the full value of donations made to your organization, less PayPal transaction fees, along with a donor report. The Samvara Project reserves the right to alter the timing or fee reimbursement process at any time with notice. Hospices can end their partnership with Hospice Journey at any time.
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